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How To Use e-Gate

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Eligibility 1. After successful enrollment, you will be able to use e-Gate by placing required ROC (Taiwan) Resident Certificate (IC card) or travel document (listed below) onto the document reader at the entrance of an e-Gate:
(1) Alien resident: ROC (Taiwan) Resident Certificate (IC card)
(2) Foreign diplomat or staff of international organization: Foreign Passport
(3) Nationals without registered household: Taiwan Passport
(4) Hong Kong & Macau residence: Exit & Entry Permit (Resident)
(5) Mainland Chinese resident: Exit & Entry Permit (Resident)

2. The entrance of the e-Gate is installed with a document reader. You need only place the required IC card or travel document onto the document reader and push it inward to the upper edge to start the reading process.

3. When the reading process has finished, you will be able to enter the e-Gate to verify your facial image and your fingerprint at the same time.