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0916Directions for Foreign Nationals Applying for the Business and Academic Travel Card

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1.Legal basis
Directions for Foreign Nationals Applying for the Business and Academic Travel Card and the Implementation of Fast Immigration Clearance.

2.Application prerequisites:
Foreign nationals who wish to enter the country for purposes other than employment and meet one of the following qualifications may apply for this card:

(1)Being a Nobel Prize winner or winner of an equivalent award.

(2)Being the first place winner of an internationally recognized contest, sports game or appraisal, or being an academic or businessman with international prestige.

(3)Being an academician, or a highly qualified expert or scholar at a foreign national research institution.

(4)Being a current tenured professor at a foreign university and having received a life achievement award.

(5) Any person who has one of the following qualifications and has received an international academic award or has written a important specialized book or has engaged in research at a research institution or has conducted technical research and development or management work at a technical institution for four years or more.

a. Being a current or former adjunct professor, professor, associate professor, or assistant professor either in domestic or foreign university;

b. Being a researcher, associate researcher or research assistant, or having a doctorate degree and working at a research institution.

(6)Being an athlete who has been ranked among the top three in a contest of an Olympic Game or has won the first place in an Asian Game, or has ever coached a national sports team whose members have ever been ranked among the top five in a contest of an Olympic Game or among the top three in an Asian Game, and can boost the capability of Taiwan’s athletes.

(7)Being a senior manager of a company that has invested up to US$100 million by a foreign company or the overseas parent company or regional headquarters of such a company, or a foreign investor or his/her senior manager who has the potential of making an investment of over US$100 million.

(8)The technical experts needed by the major projects and industries promoted by the relevant central competent authorities in accordance with national policy.

(9)Being an academic or businessman who has made special contributions to Taiwan’s academic or economic development and having filed an ad hoc application.

3. Required documents:

(1)Application form:

a. Please obtain the application form from a service center and photocopy it inA4 size if multiple copies are needed, or download the form from the NIA’s Website. Fill out the form exactly.

b. Please attach a recent photo taken within the past one year. The photo should be in color with a white background, taken from the front with no hat. The photo should be 4.5 cm in length and 3.5cm in width. The lengthof the head portrait, from the top of the head to the jaw, shall be no less than 3.2 cm and no more than 3.6 cm. The photo and the picture in thepassport should be identified as the same person.

(2)Recommendation letters or other qualification proofs

a. Applying by self: attach the documents that prove the qualifications stated initem 2 of the Directions.

b. Applying through a central competent authority in charge of related business or by the inviting parties who recommended such applicants: attach the recommendation letter.

4.Means of applications, valid period of the card, and the duration of stay in Taiwan:

(1) Application means:

a .Applying in Taiwan: submit the application to the local NIA service center.

b .Applying from oversea (including Hong Kong and Macau, excluding the Mainland Area): submit the application to the R.O.C. embassy, representativeoffice, office or other authorized organizations, which will be forwarded to the National Immigration Agency.

(2)Valid period of the card and duration of the stay in Taiwan

a .Card validity: the card is valid for three years. The validity cannot be extended and a new card has to be reapplied for when it expires.

b. The duration of stay in Taiwan: each stay shall not exceed 30 days following the day of entry into Taiwan.


(1) A stay extension can be applied for in accordance with relevant visa regulations by submitting documents, stating the purposes of the extension and related proofs, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (extension fees necessary).

(2) If a foreign national concurrently holds an ABTC card and a visa with a duration of stay for over 30 days (For example, a visa with a duration of stay for 60 days or one 5 year multiple extension visa), the duration of stay of the visa shall prevail. The overstaying of the duration of the stay will be penalized in accordance with the Immigration Act.
6. Related information:
Please check the NIA website for additional information.