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Taiwan and Germany Started Mutual Use of Automated Immigration Clearance

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pix-1 The launch of the mutual use of automated immigration clearance between Taiwan and Germany was officially announced by Director-General of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) Bill Chung and Deputy Director General of German Institute Taipei Dagmar Traub-Evans. Since December 10, 2022, this reciprocity immediately benefits e-passport holders of Taiwan and Germany. Travelers from Taiwan and Germany will both enjoy the fast and convenient automated immigration clearance made possible by both governments. Taiwan and Germany, each country increased its strength in attracting trade activities and tourists from the one another. In terms of eligibility, Germany e-passport holders above the age of 18, and over the height of 140 cm and have no criminal records in Taiwan can enroll in Taiwan’s automated immigration clearance system, also known as the e-Gate. Meanwhile, Taiwan e-passport holders who have no criminal records in Germany, and above the age of 18, in possession of an e-passport which includes National Identification Number will be able to enroll in Germany’s automated immigration clearance system, the EasyPass. (To find location of enrollment counters: see https://egate.immigration.gov.tw/egate-frontend/ for the Taiwan e-Gate and https://www.easypass.de/EasyPass/EN for the Germany EasyPass.)Germany becomes Taiwan’s 5th e-Gate partner, next to the United States (Global Entry), Korea (Smart Entry Service), Australia (Smart Gate), and Italy (eGate). Apart from the European Union members, Taiwan is the 4th member listed by Germany to be eligible for the EasyPass. To create better convenience for its people and to make Taiwan more appealing to international travelers, the NIA will continue to seek mutual use of automated immigration clearance with more partner countries in the world.