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The Chief Prosecutor appointed new immigrants as Anti-election bribery represents at the family education activities held by National Immigration Agency.

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  • Source:Lienchiang County Service Center
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IMG_4916 The 111th National Nine-in-One Election will be held on November 26. The Lienchiang County Service Center, Northern Taiwan Administration Corps, National Immigration Agency held an event of "Family Education and policy announcement for the New Immigrants. To enhance the effect of propaganda for anti-bribery campaign, Huang Yuanguan, the Lienchiang District Prosecutor's Office's chief prosecutor, was invited to share his anti-bribery experience. At the same time, he appointed New Immigrants and their children as anti-bribery campaign representatives and teen envoys for the upcoming election, urging new immigrants families to work together to prevent bribery.
Prosecutor Huang explained to the new immigrants about the common methods of vote buying such as providing money, free or low-cost domestic and international tours, dining parties, and ghost populations at the symposium. This is to demonstrate to new immigrants that our democratic electoral system is based on a fair and open environment. He also stated that if anyone provides bribery information to the designated units, their identity will be kept strictly confidential. And if anyone uncover a vote bribery case which is investigated with result will be rewarded handsomely. Take the last election as an example, the Ministry of Justice offered a NT$1.2 billion whistleblower bonus to encourage people to come forward with such information.
Attorney General Huang personally put the ribbons on new immigrants and their children who served as anti-bribery campaign representatives and teen envoys, hoping that they can bring these information back to their families and communities, and work together to create a clean and fair election environment.
Lienchiang County Service Center urges local citizen to vote fairly, openly, as well as enthusiastically, eradicating bribery is every voter's civil obligation and social responsibility. If you have any questions about the anti-bribery, please contact the Lienchiang County Service Center (Dedicated Team) at 0836-23736.