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Mobile Outreach Service of NIA Taoyuan City Service Station bounded for Fan Shu Vocational School to deliver care for foreign students

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Myanmar and Indonesian interpreters interpreted the regulations instantly Mobile Outreach Service of NIA Taoyuan City Service Center visited Fan Shu Vocational School(方曙商工) which is located in Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City on September 8, 2022. Lectures on law and other daily life information were conducted for foreign freshmen not only to avoid students becoming victims of human trafficking but also to raise their self-protection awareness to realize their own rights in Taiwan.There were more than 100 students from Myanmar and Indonesia attended this lecture. These foreign students paid extra attention to laws and regulations they should follow during their study in Taiwan. During the lecture, regulatory regulations about extending ARC, staying in Taiwan after graduation and seeking job in Taiwan were taught to the students to prevent them from overstaying, illegal work, or even becoming targets of labor exploitation due to language barriers and lack of residency knowledge. To help the students understand, Myanmar and Indonesian interpreters were also invited to interpret instantly in the lecture. Given that human trafficking of Taiwanese victims in recent days, Taoyuan City Service Center also reminded students should take good care of their passports and ARC, and do not hand them over to others since withholding identity documents, restricting personal freedom, being supervised when going anywhere or talking to others, and cutting down salary improperly were all considered as human trafficking.Taoyuan City Service Center urged students to remember to apply for extension through the "Student Online Application System" 30 days before the expiry date of the ARC to avoid penalties for overstaying and also introducing “Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals”, which was loosened for professionals applying APRC, to encourage students to stay in Taiwan after graduation. And “Foreigners In Taiwan Hotline: 1990” was provided to students for counseling services of daily needs and life adaption. The services include visa, residence, education, culture, tax, health insurance, transportation, employment, healthcare, personal safety, parenting, welfare services, legal information, and other daily life information. Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Cambodian language services are available.Huang Ying Gui(黃英貴), director of Taoyuan City Service Center, said that this lecture specifically reminded foreign students about their residency rights, legal work regulations, and delivered notice of job-seeking safety and personal protection concepts based on recent news in the hope that every foreign students can adapt well and get enough support in Taiwan. To keep maintaining the awareness of epidemic, several epidemic prevention tips, like wearing masks correctly, were also mentioned during the lecture.