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New immigrants enjoyed a wonderful show, Children's Stage Play, together with NIA

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  • Source:New Taipei City Service Center
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Director of NIA enjoys the vibes with new immigrants. (Photo / Provided by NIA)
To broaden children’s horizons and promote respecting different cultures of various countries, the charitable event & stage play by children - “A Bo Fei Si – New adventure around the world (阿波菲斯-環遊世界『新』冒險)” was held on December 18 at Sports Venue & Stadium in Xinbei.The stage play was subsidized by NIA New Immigrants Development Funds (移民署新住民發展基金), and Legislator Wu Qi Ming (吳琪銘), Zhong Jing Kun (鐘景琨) - the Director of the National Immigration Agency, MOI, and New Taipei City Councilman, Lin Ming Ren (林銘仁) enjoyed the stage play together with audiences.This stage play depicts the strange encounter between the alien Apophis and the earth globe, and then the aliens and earthlings take the children from the eight planets to the seven continents of the earth to understand different cultures from various countries in the world, combining with geographical knowledge & adventure elements.Zhong Jing Kun stated that the government has been striving to build friendly working & living environments for new immigrants in Taiwan. This is especially true in terms of their employment, talent development, and empowerment programs for the second generation of new immigrants.While Taiwan is actively developing the ASEAN market, new immigrants and their children who demonstrate a high level of proficiency in languages used in Southeast Asian countries will be an important boost for Taiwan’s development in The New Southbound Policy.Therefore, NIA organizes the Overseas & Domestic Training Program for new immigrants and their children, the Dream-Building Project for New Immigrants and Their Children and Scholarship Program, etc. It is hoped that they will become international talents with their strengths in language skills.