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NIA Taoyuan Center hosts a conference to promote the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers to revitalize the economy

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NIA Taoyuan City Service Center hosts a conference to promote the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers. To create a friendly immigration environment, Taoyuan City Service Center of the Northern Taiwan Administration Corps of National Immigration Agency (NIA, 移民署北區事務大隊桃園市服務站) held the "New Immigrant Care Network Conference" (新住民關懷網絡會議) in Taoyuan City on September 30th. About 50 members from the public and private sector participated in the conference to share experiences and exchange ideas. During the conference, Taoyuan City Service Center promoted several government policies, including the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers, prevention of African swine fever, foreigners new unified certificate number, and prevention of human trafficking to strengthen the care for new immigrants and assist those of Taoyuan City to adapt to new life in Taiwan.

Recently, the government issued the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers to revitalize the economy. To enable new immigrants to know more about the vouchers, it was promoted at the meeting that besides Taiwanese nationals, foreign spouses and spouses from the Mainland Area, Hong Kong and Macau, with valid residency permits and foreigners with permanent residency permits can receive the vouchers. In addition to those two categories, foreign diplomats based in Taiwan and their family members are also eligible to receive the vouchers.

Eligible residents will have the option of registering for either the digital version or the paper version. However, for digital vouchers, a health insurance card is required. For new immigrants who have not obtained yet a health insurance card can go to the post office directly to collect their paper vouchers by their alien resident certificates.

Taoyuan City Service Center also reminds that if foreign spouse (including those from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) whose residency documents are based on investment, employment or employment gold card can contact the local immigration center for help if they encounter any difficulties obtaining their vouchers. Once it is informed, it will register such persons in the system as spouses of Taiwanese citizens so they can claim their vouchers. If foreign spouses have obtained triple stimulus voucher before, then there is no need to call NIA for help again.

In addition, to protect Taiwan's pig farming industry, the meeting also urged new immigrants not to illegally import meat from foreign countries, and buy meat products with unknown origin online. If anyone receive unidentified meat, they should throw it away as general garbage or report to Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (動植物防疫檢疫局). Carrying meat products into the country in violation of the regulations can be fined up to NTD 1 million. Importing pork products that have not passed quarantine will face imprisonment up to 7 years and a fine up to NTD 3 million.

Huang Ying-Kuei (黃英貴), director of NIA Taoyuan City Service Center, said that the "New Immigrants Care Network Conference" is a meeting dedicated to new immigrant by gathering local organizations and governmental departments. Since problems faced by new immigrants are diverse and complex, which are difficult to deal with by single department’s assistance, it is necessary to integrate public-spirited private associations, local communities, NGOs and public agencies for better service for new immigrants.

To enable new immigrants to gain better understanding of the information related to the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers, NIA has specially added multilingual short versions, Q&A and graphic cards available in Chinese, English, Indonesian, Thai, Cambodian, and Burmese. Hopefully, everyone can make use of these information and share them with others to help stimulate Taiwan's economy together.