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The volunteer and interpreter teams at Yilan Service Station celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. Meanwhile, the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher is coming!

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In order to thank all the volunteer and interpreter teams for their daily contribution,  Yilan Service Station of Northern Administration Corps of Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency specially invited the volunteers and interpreters to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival altogether. Mrs. Fu-Shin Chen is the most outstanding person from the recommended candidates list of all the service stations in Taiwan and was elected as the “2020 Excellent Volunteer of National Immigration Agency”. Given the honor, she successfully motivated more volunteers and interpreters to join this service team!

Mrs. Fu-Shin Chen, the person who was awarded as the excellent volunteer approved by National Immigration Agency, has contributed in volunteering service for more than 14 years since Yilan Service Station established in 2007. She supported many new-immigrant families who had just arrived in Yilan and was nominated as an outstanding volunteer of National Immigration Agency. Mrs. Fu-Shin has thankfully stated that “Giving is better than receiving. At the beginning, I kept a lifelong learning attitude to serve at Yilan Service Station, hoping that I can make more foreign friends and strengthen my language skills at the same time. After few years, I did not only learn more languages, but also understand more foreign cultures and customs. Learning is a lifetime journey to me.” She appreciated the National Immigration Agency for the opportunity to assist those people in need. Yilan County Service Station was a place full of vitality and warmth. The service station played a role not only as a government, but also a big family.

   Miss Yu-Ping Chien, Director of Yilan Service Station gratefully expressed her thanks to all of the volunteer and interpreter partners who always devoted themselves to the work. In addition, she also announced that in order to revitalize the domestic economy, the government is going to issue the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher soon. Foreign spouses or foreigners with APRC(Alien Permanent Resident Certificate), or the representatives about diplomatic affairs in Taiwan and their dependents can apply for the voucher within the valid date. We hope more new immigrants may know about the good news with the assistance of volunteer and interpretation teams. If foreigners have any questions about the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher, they may contact the hotline 1988 or look for the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher website (https://5000. gov.tw) from the National Immigration Agency website. Yilan Service Station is happy to work with the volunteer and interpreter teams to provide the various consulting services, the latest policy and welfare information to all the new immigrants. We welcome more friends to join the team of volunteers at Yilan Service Station, National Immigration Agency. Miss Yu-Ping Chien also ask the volunteer and interpreter team, friends of the new immigrants to announce that the African swine fever epidemic has recently risen. Please don’t buy or carry moon cakes, meat crisps and other meat products or cans into our country. The fine may be up to one million dollars, do not try to smuggle and traffic. Illegal meat import would be sentenced to 7 years in prison with fine up to NT$3 million.

It is Mid-Autumn Festival today. Yilan Service Station of Northern Administration Corps of Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency wish everyone a happy family reunion and good luck!