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NIA Taoyuan City Service Center reminds new immigrants to be vigilant of African Swine Fever

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  • Source:Taoyuan City Service Center
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Recently, meat products tested positive for African swine fever were reported in Taiwan.

To prevent African swine fever from spreading in Taiwan, National Immigration Agency (NIA) Taoyuan City Service Center held a family education and legal course for new immigrants on August 15, 2021 to promote safety and prevention tips from African swine fever to new immigrants through various channels.

Border control and quarantine measures have been implemented to prevent African swine fever from entering Taiwan. Foreign workers, foreign spouses, foreigners, and overseas Chinese must not bring any meat products when entering Taiwan. In accordance with the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases, those found bringing pork products from virus-affected areas face a fine of NT$200,000 for the first violation and NT$1 million thereafter.

Director of NIA Taoyuan City Service Center Huang Ying-kuei 黃英貴 stated that African swine fever is dangerous and spreads very quickly. Huang reminds new immigrants to avoid visiting livestock farms when returning to their home countries.

Those illegally purchasing meat products and bringing them into Taiwan will face maximum imprisonment of 7 years and a maximum fine of NTD 3 million.