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Never Stop Learning - Initiating a Team and Getting Awesome Gifts” Reward Activities for New Members

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0611Never Stop Learning Reward Activities for New Members, Initiating a Team. During the activity, the member of “New Immigrants in Taiwan”can be a team leader.
If you successfully invite your immigrant friends to register on our “New Immigrants in Taiwan” website and fill in“Referral Code,” the leader will receive a prize. Each team member will also get a promotional gift as a reward. First come first served. Put your skates on.
Activity Time:
From Jun. 11th to August 6th, 2021
Entry Method:
New member has to fill in “Referral Code” when registering. “Team Leader’s” member account is “Referral Code.”
1.“Team Leader” who successfully recommends three new immigrants to register on our website will be given a $100 gift certificate and three promotional gifts.
2.“Team Leader” who successfully recommends ten new immigrants to register on our website will be given a $400 gift certificate and 10 promotional gifts.
※Supply of the gifts is limited and available only while stocks last and winners can’t claim rewards twice.
Special Rewards
If “Team Leader” successfully recommends more than three people, he or she will have a chance to win a 7-11 gift certificate. Limited to 50 winners.
General Terms and Conditions:
1.The winner will be notified by email and prizes will be sent to the winner’s address. Make sure that your email address is valid. We will be unable to notify you at an invalid email address and you will lose any right to a prize.
2.You are required to fill in the referral code when signing up. We will not accept further documents or modification.
3.To protect your rights, make sure you fill in a correct referral code.
4.During the activity, a participant should meet application requirements and initiate a team successfully. It also depends on the member’s registration time according to the system record.
Method 1 is limited to the top 100 “Team Leaders” who successfully recommend three new immigrants.
Method 2 is limited to the top 50 “Team Leaders” who successfully recommend 10 new immigrants.
“Special Rewards” Drawing 50 winners from the team consisting of more than three team members
5.We will announce the winners on the News of“New Immigrants in Taiwan” within 20 days after the event ends.
6.All prizes are subject to availability, non transferable and non exchangeable and no gift certificate or cash alternatives will be offered.
7.A participant is required to fill in or submit correct information and forbidden to take over another person’s information. The National Immigration Agency reserves the right to exclude a participant who violates these Conditions of Participation. The organizer has no responsibility to reissue prizes due to the participant’s invalid information. A participant should take full legal responsibility if he or she causes any loss or damage to NIA or the third party.