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NIA Launches the Online Application System for the Convenience of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students

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  • Source:Southern Taiwan Administration Corps
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圖說二-移民署人員向文藻外語大學師生解說線上申辦居留系統的操作方式 In order to popularize the “Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students Online Application System,” the Kaohsiung City First Service Center of the Southern Administration Corps of the National Immigration Agency has assigned their staff members to attend a freshmen orientation session in Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages for illustrating the practice of this Students Online Application System. With agreeable ease of operation via the Internet, the system employs the idea of online shopping and turns itself into an online shopping mart where people shop for ARCs and other items to be applied for. Entertaining and simple, the system indeed brought lots of fun to all the students there as they were enjoying learning it. Amazement never ceased among students with regard to the astonishing amusement and convenience of the system.

As universities in the nation successively start new semesters during September, the Central Epidemic Command Center is also gradually relaxing the restrictions on foreign students’ entry into Taiwan – the pandemic still leaves the globe in grim condition, though. Usually it is the start of a new semester that sees the peak period when foreign students visit the service centers of the National Immigration Agency to apply for ARCs and extensions of ARCs. At the service centers are often long queues of people who wait for applications. So as to save students’ time for waiting and to avoid the risk of cluster infection, the National Immigration Agency has warmly promoted the “Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students Online Application System,” which allows foreign students during their quarantine periods to apply easily for ARCs online without leaving home. As the idea “Choose the Internet, not the road!” has suggested, this newly launched system is much easier, safer, and more time-saving with regard to the protection of the health of our nationals.

As foreign students apply for ARCs, extensions of ARCs, or other changes in personal information, they would just need to submit their applications online with some required documents consecutively sent out, and in about 5 days the applications would be done verified. The system, at the moment, would meanwhile automatically send notifications of payment via the Internet to applicants. The system accepts diverse ways of payment which include international credit card, online ATM, virtual payment account, e-government paying platform, and paying via convenience stores. After applicants download the receipts of payment, they can visit the assigned service centers to get their ARCs.

The Director of the Kaohsiung City First Service Center, Raymond Hsu, has stated that online application will be a trend. It not only, as he continued, saves citizens’ precious time for driving and for queuing but also protects all from the pandemic. Hsu also indicated that, for assisting schools as well as foreign and overseas Chinese students in getting familiar with the operation of the online system, the Kaohsiung City First Service Center welcomes schools in the jurisdiction to contact them for holding lectures about the online application system. Please contact on 07-7151660.