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A Female Facebook-Club Establisher, Posting Ads for Transnational Marriage Match, Fined by the National Immigration Agency

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  • Source:Southern Taiwan Administration Corps
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By patrolling the Internet lately, the Kaohsiung City Brigade of the Southern Administration Corps of the National Immigration Agency found that a woman surnamed Huang in Kaohsiung had posted many advertisements for transnational match with foreign women on a Facebook marriage club she created in 2019 with the intention of allowing club members to seek for possible love match, and questions from netizens were also found responded patiently by Huang. As the National Immigration Agency officers discovered, Huang had so far illegally posted up to 61 advertisements for transnational marriage match, all of which were penalized after evidenced.

After investigation, Huang stated that, as she herself was a Vietnamese spouse naturalized as a Taiwanese citizen who married a husband of good standing and lived a good life in Taiwan, she thereby wanted to motivate her relatives and friends from her hometown (Vietnam) to visit Taiwan for making good love match. Huang said that she had ever posted advertisements on other Facebook clubs but failed with all her posts disapproved. She therefore created her own club on which photos and marriage status of single women in her hometown Vietnam were clearly noted. Not in the least did she know, however, her violation of the law. After being investigated, Huang felt quite regretful, saying that “I will never dare to do it again!”

The captain of the Kaohsiung City Brigade Chao Chih-Cheng stated that the National Immigration Agency has been committed to protecting legality and combating illegality. From January to July of 2020, the Kaohsiung City Brigade has found 1,362 advertisements for illegal transnational marriage match and transferred 47 lawbreakers after investigation to the National Immigration Agency’s Cross-border Marriage Match Management Review Team for review and punishment.

Chao particularly reminded the public not to try violating the law. It is illegal to publish posts or photos on the Internet for transnational marriage match. Currently, the National Immigration Agency has approved 32 legal marriage matchmaking organizations. Citizens are welcome to visit “Service category” on the official website of the National Immigration Agency (https://www.immigration.gov.tw/) for inquiries in order to protect their own rights. The Brigade will also continuously be on careful patrol on the Internet, reporting advertisements for illegal transnational marriage match to keep protected the rights of citizens and social order.