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Interns Play a Role of Counselor for Students Online Application System, NIA Boosts New Force for Citizen Services

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  • Source:Southern Taiwan Administration Corps
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圖二、文藻外語大學實習生巧扮小導師,在服務站協助民眾申辦案件。 The National Immigration Agency has launched the “Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students Online Application System,” which allows foreign students not only to apply for ARCs online by themselves at home but also to make payments even more easily via various ways. Since the new semester is coming, and it is also the peak period for students’ applications, the Kaohsiung City First Service Center of the Southern Administration Corps of the National Immigration Agency has particularly collaborated in strategic alliance with the intern students from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages as being “online application counselors” in helping students with the online application system in the service center.

Chang, a student who worked as one of the online application counselors, has stated that she had once assisted a Vietnamese student who was not good at Chinese in applying for his ARC. The continual difficulty of failing to upload the application online successfully due to the problem of compressed image files had greatly frustrated the Vietnamese student. Yet, thanks to the instant help of the counselors and the Vietnamese interpreters, the student at last successfully finished his application. As the convenience and the immediacy of making online applications offer all-day and holiday service and save applicants from the trouble of sweating outside whilst visiting the service center, the online application system has so far already won high praise from student applicants for its efficiency.

Recently, public sectors have been a popular option for teenage students to work in. Chang, a student from the Department of Translation and Interpreting in Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, has indicated that she cherished greatly this internship experience in the service center. The experience as being an intern in the service center not only allowed her to demonstrate her expertise in translation and communication in foreign languages to help foreigners who came to make applications, but also provided opportunities to meet people from various cultures, which in ways further broadened her international horizons. She was especially glad that she could get to understand a clearer picture of what the work in the National Immigration Agency was about, and that she became integrated into this big family before graduation. Chang currently considers to take the immigration exam and looks forward to working in the National Immigration Agency in the future.

Raymond Hsu, the Director of the Kaohsiung City First Service Center, stated that the National Immigration Agency has built quite close partnership with the universities and colleges of strategic alliances, and that they hope to cultivate professionals who bear international perspectives. On one hand, interns can gain various aspects of knowledge from the internship experiences in the Kaohsiung City First Service Center, with advantages for career development further established. On the other hand, the National Immigration Agency can also improve service quality, thereby achieving win-win benefits.