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2020“Exotic Fun: We Are Family Plus” will come to Pintung County’s aboriginal marketplace on Sunday, June 14!

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“We Are Family Plus” visited the aboriginal marketplace earlier this year and it looks super fun. Now in its fifth year, the marketplace is a one-stop shop where you can find special cuisines from nearly 20 countries. It will be the first time for “We Are Family Plus” to take part in the event. To all our fans in front of the TV, no matter where you live in Taiwan, don’t miss this opportunity to join us at the event and win a fabulous “We Are Family Plus” phone stand. 【Name of the event】“Exotic Fun: We Are Family Plus” booth at the Pingtung County aboriginal marketplace【Address】No. 61, Zhongshan Rd., Pingtung City【Date】June 14 (Sun.), 14:00-18:00

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