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During the period of prevention for the severe pneumonia with COVID-19, foreigners who have Alien Residence Certificates can apply to NIA for departure date extension for 30 days.

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In consideration of increased travel restrictions worldwide,  foreigners whose duration of residence are about to expire can apply to the Service Center of the NIA for departure date extension for 30 days if they lack of other legitimate resident reasons and are unable to leave Taiwan as well. Before the extended period expires, if they are still unable to leave Taiwan, they can re-apply one time for further extension for 30 days.

The aforementioned expedient measure is temporarily not included migrant workers, given the overall migrant worker management policy is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor. Pertaining to the relevant flexible measures for the COVID-19 prevention management to migrant workers and their employment extensions, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Labor (https://www.mol.gov.tw/announcement/2099/44880/).

For those foreigners who overstayed their residency are not subject to the aforementioned special treatment, and should refer to the “Expanded Overstayers Voluntary Departure Program Starts to Encourage Overstaying Foreign Citizens to Turn Themselves in” (https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5475/5478/141457/142068/217277/).

The period of those implementing measures is subject to change as circumstances require.