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Free Rental Service of Laptops and Tablets for New Immigrants

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In order to improve digital access for the Taiwanese New Immigrants, the Ministry of Interior commences a project from Y2021 called “Free Rental Service of Laptops and Tablets for New Immigrants”. This program aims to encourage digital learning by providing the New Immigrants with resources (laptop computers, tablets, and internet) to access digital contents.The service launches now. Any eligible New Immigrant can apply by either calling our service hot line (see below), or visiting our 25 Service Spots sponsored by the Ministry of Immigration Office for consultation. Once the application is approved, a laptop computer or a tablet will be delivered to the applicant’s residential address. A 4G data plan with unlimited internet access is included with any rented tablet.Rental devices are limited in quantity, and are prioritized for those from families with low income, special circumstances, or physical disabled members.