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Operation Directions for Issuance of Academics and Business Travel Card and the Implementation of Speedy Immigration Inspection and Clearance

  • Date:
  • Source:Border Affairs Corps
  • Hit:2039
1. Ministry of the Interior has formulated these operation direction to provide Speedy Immigration Inspection and Clearance in airports for Academics and Business Travel Card (referred as “ABTC.”)
2. Aliens who match at least one of the qualifications listed below could apply for ABTC:
2-1-1 Winner of Nobel prize or equivalent position.
2-1-2 First prize winner of international contest or academic or business person identified with global reputation.
2-1-3 Being national-level academician or fellow of significant international institute or expert/scholar with equivalent quality.
2-1-4 Hired as tenure professor within universities and acquired honor(s) of lifetime achievement.
2-1-5 Served as chair professor, professor, associate professor, researcher, associate researcher at foreign universities or research institutes, or   has a doctoral degree or acquiring international academic award, significant publication, or in the field of technical research, devolvement, or management for more than four years.
2-1-6 Having been awarded top three medal in Olympic Games, first place in Asia Games, or served as the coach of national sports team and guided player(s) to win top five medal in Olympic Games, top three in Asia Games.
2-1-7 Senior manager of a foreign-invested business, a foreign parent company or regional headquarter, who is in charge of foreign investment holding more than one hundred million US dollars; investor or associated senior manager who has the potential to invest over one hundred million US dollars.
2-1-8 Professionals who have the critical expertise to support central government’s major policies, or industrial development plans.
2-1-9 Academic researcher or businessperson who has significant contribution to academia, professional field, or economic development with application approval.
2-2 The application of the previous item(s) can be applied personally, or by government agency or by the inviting party.
3. Applicant should submit the following documents to National Immigration Agency (NIA):
3-1 An application form.
3-2 Passport with effective period of at least six months and a copy of certificate.
3-3 A recommendation letter.
3-4 Two frontal-view hat-less photographs, two inches in size, of the applicant taken within a year.
3-5 The application will be rejected if the qualification is invalid.
4. NIA shall deliver a copy of application and its supplementary documents to competent authorities and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for scrutiny. However, the case of 2-2, where application is submitted by the Central Government authorities and is copied to MOFA, is not limited by this rule.
5-1 The ABTC holder is granted to multiple entry and exit within five years, and allowed to stay within ninety days each time.
5-2 ABTC holder is permitted to engage in performance, lecture or business knowhow teaching or other academic and business activities.
5-3 Extension of validation is not permitted. ABTC holders should reapply if in need.
6-1 ABTC holder should submit passport simultaneously for speedy immigration inspection and clearance.
6-2 Spouse or lineal relatives are allowed to company ABTC holder when using Speedy clearance.
7-1 ABTC can be reissued when lost or broken within its effective period.
7-2 The effective period of reissued ABTC is the same as the original.