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Directions Governing Using f-Gate for Aliens Exiting Taiwan

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  • Source:Border Affairs Corps
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1. The present direction is hereby enacted to handle aliens who use the f-Gate at the international airports and seaports by the Executive Yuan as the ports of departure.

2. The term "Alien" used in this directions shall mean Foreigners, Nationals without registered permanent residence in the Taiwan Area, People of the Mainland Area, and Residents of Hong Kong or Macau who are age at 14 or up and have completed biometrics recorded upon entry into Taiwan.

3. Aliens shall not use the f-Gate if they fall any of the following circumstances:
3-1 Aliens who are prohibited from exiting the State in accordance with Article 21 of the Immigration Act.
3-2 Have overstayed his/her visit or period of residence.
3-3 Have renewed passport or travel document after entering the State.
3-4 Have renewed passport or travel document but have not renewed Alien Resident Certificate during his/her period of residence.

4-1 Aliens who use the f-Gate, exiting the State with inspection once their fingerprints were verified.
4-2 The passport or travel document of the aliens stated in the preceding Paragraph whose data has not transmitted or incompletely transmitted to National Immigration Agency (hereinafter referred to as NIA) from Advanced Passenger Processing System(APP), shall scan the passport or travel document to process the verification of their fingerprints.

5. Naturalized aliens who have registered permanent residence shall apply for the registration and use the Automatic Immigration Clearance System(e-Gate) as nationals with household registration.

6. An alien may print out up to 1 immigration stamp sticker for his/her current entry/exit record with his/her passport or travel document by the clearance record printer within 2 hours after clearing immigration by using the f-Gate and paste the sticker on the visa page.

7. The eligible applicants, set up location, and the effective date of the f-Gate shall be announced and implemented in stages by the NIA.