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Remarks by vice President Chen Chien-jen at the 2018 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking

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chen-chien-jen Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am honored to be here to attend a remarkable event with
The representatives and ambassadors to Taiwan
Legislators Ms. Wu and Ms. Li
Members of government institutions and non-governmental organizations
Scholars, experts, and representatives of organizations against human trafficking
Minister Lo
Minister Hsu
Deputy Minister Tsai
And ministerial representativesI would like to welcome you to attend the 2018 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking.
Human right has been an issue of my greatest attention since assuming office as vice president. Last year, I was invited to give an opening speech when the Ministry of the Interior held the 10th anniversary of the International Workshop. There I expressed my deepest gratitude, especially to the NGOs that cooperated with government ministries, as it was their passion and dedication that allowed Taiwan to achieve great progress regarding human right issues. I am pleased that this passion has persevered on to this day, and glad for the opportunity of delivering another opening speech.Human trafficking is a form of contemporary slavery that is recognized by all countries. It is an exploitative behavior in serious violation of human right, one that is of deep concern of many countries, especially Taiwan.In 2006, President Tsai, then serving as vice Premier, announced The Action Plan for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons. The plan requires central and local governments to implement measures for preventing human trafficking. In 2007, the central government established the Cabinet-level Anti-TIP Task Force to coordinate resources from different departments in a combined effort to further strengthen our forces in the fight against human trafficking. After 12 years of seamless cooperation, I am sure that people, both in Taiwan and in the international community, and see the fruit of our hard work.Peace, freedom, democracy, and human right are the universal values that Taiwan upholds as a modernized country. As a member of the international community, Taiwan is willing to contribute to foreign and universal affairs.As Minister Hsu mentioned, the Ministry of the Interior has already signed agreements and MOUs on immigration affairs and human trafficking prevention with 17 countries. This year, Taiwan will be signing a cooperation agreement with a certain country in Europe, another sign of our dedication to emerging universal affairs and responsibilities as a member of the international community.Practices such as humanitarian aid, medical aid, cooperation on counter terrorism, and cooperation against human trafficking are important for international safety and order. It is true that Taiwan international status is “special”. Yet Taiwan has certainly established itself as an active member of the international community with its achievements and endeavors in preventing human trafficking and other crimes.Two years ago, in her inaugural address, President Tsai expressed that strengthening social security is a key responsibility of the government. I must reiterate that preventing human trafficking is an important part of strengthening social security, one that the central government, the local governments, and NGOs must treat with the utmost importance.Taiwan’s efforts will be centered on prevention, integrating resources from departments, and promoting the four Ps: Prosecution, Protection, Prevention, and Partnership. After implementing the Human Trafficking Prevention Act in June 2009, Taiwan has seen great progress in preventing human trafficking.Our central and local governments place great importance on the protection of victims of human trafficking. Since the establishment of shelters in 2008, the government has set a budget to cover expenses for victims of human trafficking, including costs for shelter, protection, board and lodging, and homebound air tickets. The government also cooperates with NGOs to provide essential services. To ensure their safety and protect their rights, we will provide escort and interpreting services for human trafficking victims during investigation procedures. Victims are allowed to work in Taiwan so they may assist investigation.Our law enforcement agencies will continue with the prosecution and punishment of human traffickers. Our district prosecutors’ offices will designate dedicated prosecutors to investigate human trafficking cases. Our achievements in preventing human trafficking have not only received a high rating in the Trafficking in Persons Report by the US Department of State, but also garnered acknowledgement and respect from the international community.The US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report issued on 29 June has rated Taiwan Tier 1 for nine consecutive years, proving that Taiwan’s efforts in preventing human trafficking, with the cooperation of the public and private sectors, have received international recognition. I want to take this opportunity to thank our foreign representatives, our ministries and departments, and our NGOs, as Taiwan would not have received this great honour without your cooperation. Taiwan’s government will continue its efforts in preventing human trafficking through actively responding to any situation. We will continue our friendly cooperation with NGOs and international organizations. We will continue to uphold our responsibilities as a Tier 1 country. And we will continue our endeavors in bringing peace and stability to the Asia-Pacific region.I want to call upon the countries of the world to attach greater importance to the issue of human trafficking, to strengthen their efforts for its prevention, and to support the United Nation’s World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July as an act of ensuring the protection of human rights. I also urge the members of the international community to recognize Taiwan as an active actor on the world stage, and support our participation in international organizations and events.Lastly, I would like to thank you again for your participation in this event, and wish the International Workshop every success. Thank you.