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Benchmark Training Program to launch on 2 October

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  • Source:Foreign Affairs Section
The National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior (NIA) has reached a new milestone by extending its international cooperation on immigration affairs from bilateral to multilateral. On 2 October 2018, the NIA will hold the opening ceremony of the 2018 Benchmark Training Program. Immigration officers from around the globe were invited to Taiwan for training and discussion, and through doing so build a platform for multilateral exchanges.Last year, the NIA held the first Benchmark Training Program, which 7 immigration officers from 4 countries participated. After receiving positive feedback, the NIA reached out to more officers who would be interested in the program. This year, both the number and the level of the participating officer have surpassed the prior, with 12 immigration officers from 8 countries attending. Participants included officers from Belgium, the US, Japan, and New Southbound countries Vietnam and Thailand. South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, sent its first representative to the event, and friendly nations Paraguay and Guatemala also sent their officers, with the representative from Paraguay being their Director General of Migration.The courses this year will focus on border security and the management of foreign population. The NIA’s International Border Management Seminar, which has been held annually for 12 years, will also be incorporated into the courses to provide an opportunity for participants to engage in face to face discussion and further enhance the benefits of the program. The NIA will also use this rare occasion to promote Taiwan, taking the immigration officers on a trip where they may experience the exotic scenery of the northern, middle, and southern parts of The Beautiful Island.The program will conclude on 9 October. The NIA is certain that through the discussion and exchanges between the elite, this year’s program will be fruitful for all participants. The NIA has arranged a wide range of exciting activities, soon to be revealed to the participating officers, which it believes will further enhance multilateral cooperation and exchanges on immigration affairs.