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Dream Land for High-end Talents Four-in-one Employment Gold Card

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The National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the NIA) has made a significant milestone in retaining and attracting foreign talents. With the promulgation on February 6, 2018 (date of enforcement being February 8, 2018) of the “Regulations Governing Employment Gold Card Permit for Specific Professional Foreign Talents” to coordinate with “The Act for Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals”, the NIA has established the “FOREIGN PROFESSIONALS ONLINE APPLICATION PLATFORM” that combines the functions of online applications and review of the Work Permit, Resident Visa, Alien Resident Certificate and Re-entry Permit, facilitating foreign professionals as well as similar high-end talents from Hong Kong and Macao to enter into the State with the Gold Card.
Applications for Four-in-one Employment Gold Card involve the competent authorities of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior. In order to simplify procedures, enhance administration efficiency and service quality, the NIA has set up the “FOREIGN PROFESSIONALS ONLINE APPLICATION PLATFORM” which connects the platform system with the relevant central competent authorities to facilitate the review process, including the required documents and application qualifications, as well as an online payment system. Domestic applicants can claim the Gold Card at a local NIA service center, while overseas applicants can claim the Gold Card at overseas R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassies, Representative Office, or Missions, or claim the Gold Card at a local NIA service center of one’s choosing after entering Taiwan by using the valid passport and the “R.O.C. Employment Gold Card Authorization for Overseas Applicants” downloaded from the online system, the NIA officials have explained.
According to the NIA, the benefits to the cardholder of the Employment Gold Card are listed as follows: work permit waivers when employed by certain employers, tax incentives, a maximum one year visiting period for lineal ascendant, residence permit for spouses and minor children of the Gold Card holder, participating in National Health Insurance as insured persons without being subject to the requirement of a full six months of residence in the state.
Foreigners and residents from Hong Kong and Macao who meet the requirements are welcome to apply to the 「FOREIGN PROFESSIONALS ONLINE APPLICATION PLATFORM」 for the Gold Card. For more information,please visit the following websites: