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Carefree COVID-19 Vaccination Program

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A. Foreword
Based on the Central Epidemic Command Center’s policy of protecting the health rights of overstaying foreign nationals, the National Immigration Agency (NIA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Labor, launched the “Carefree COVID-19 Vaccination Program” on December 3, 2021 to encourage overstaying foreign nationals to get vaccinated.
B. Program Content, Strategy and Measures
I. Applicable to: overstaying foreign nationals.
II. Relief Measures:
1. Subjects won’t be charged for fees of COVID-19 vaccination.
2. Subjects won’t be reported. (Hospitals won’t make a report to law enforcement agencies)
3. Name list of vaccination recipients won’t become legal ground of immigration investigation.
4. Subjects won’t be banned from entry. (After 1st dose vaccination, subjects who voluntarily surrender themselves to the NIA and depart from Taiwan within 6 months after regular international flights resume to their destination countries will be relieved from entry ban to Taiwan.)
III. Program Period: From December 3, 2021. The program end date to be announced.
IV. Vaccination Procedure
1. Foreign nationals without identity documents may sign up for the vaccination at NGO groups listed by the NIA, and receive the vaccination at designated vaccination sites following notification.
2. Valid ID holders (e.g. ARC, National Health Insurance card, passport) may go to hospitals or vaccination sites designated by local government to receive the vaccination.
C. Conclusion
 The NIA will continue to encourage more overstaying foreign nationals, including undocumented migrant workers to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19.