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New UI No. Format for Foreign Nationals

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Due to the difference in format between original UI No. for foreign nationals (2 English letters followed by 8 digits) and ID numbers for Taiwanese nationals (1 English letters followed by 9 digits) , foreign nationals were not able to smoothly register with their UI No. to access certain online services , such as online shopping, booking tickets, and medical registration. Through its Annual Report, the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) has raised the above-mentioned problem encountered by foreign nationals in Taiwan to the government many times.

Progress of the project:

1. In order to establish a foreigner-friendly environment, the NIA referred to the recommendations of the ECCT and revised the original UI No. to the new format, which is as follows :
(1)First letter: Area code; indicating the place of application submitted, and it corresponds to the area code in Taiwanese national’s ID number.
(2)First Digit: Gender code; 8 for male, 9 for female.
(3)Last Digit: Check code.
2. After comprehensive discussions with governmental authorities, the project has been implemented since January 2nd 2021.


The changes brought about by this project is believed to be able to provide greater convenience for foreign nationals in Taiwan and improve their sense of belonging. In addition, foreign nationals will be able to shop online, book tickets and make online medical appointment just like Taiwanese nationals. The government will continue working with public and private sectors to further refine the project, aiming to create a more friendly environment for foreign nationals residing in Taiwan.